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Wellness Naturally"
A Noteworty Cause!
The Foot Bath that helps Moaning Feet!

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Special Socials for Seniors Inc.
206 Euclid Square Mall
Euclid, Ohio 44132
Whole Food Social-
By reservation. Complete
with Live Music.  
Tour the Wellness
Education Center.
A Personal Concert for
someone that is Sick or
Shut In.  Jazz, Country,
Classical, Pop, Rock and
R&B. Music Heals.
Ionic Foot Bath Detox-
Soothes Tired Feet,
Relieves Swelling,
Community Relaxation Center
Try a Personal Retreat
Relax, Refresh, Renew!
The Community Relaxation Center hosts a personal retreat that is just
the thing for the individual concerned about their health, detoxifying
and removing the Stresses of Life.

It includes: an Ionic Foot Bath, Infrared Sauna, Body Works, Music,
Food and Drink!
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Holistic Health Service/Education

Here at Special Socials we do not diagnose, cure or manage your illness. Our
objectives are focused on those services excluded or perhaps overlooked by
conventional medicine thus offering wellness enhancement.
Our complete body systems detoxification program is custom designed by
Anita E. Krajnik ND, to help combat the toxins in your environment.
Whether that is second hand smoke, pollution or chemical additives in the food
you eat. The body rejects the need to cleanse itself and will manifest in a variety of ways. Some of
which are: headaches, nausea, tiredness, swelling, stiffness of joints and allergies.
Ionic Foot Detox, Reflexology, Relaxation Massage, Whole Food Counseling
Essential Oils, and  Infrared Sauna modalities working together to offer a complete body system
detoxification program.                                                                                        
Holistic Health is a powerful unique system of foot massage based on holistic principles and
springing from the same Chinese roots as acupuncture. By
locating points on the foot which relate to different parts of the body, we
can help correct the imbalance of energy which can cause stress and
ill health. Great for those people that stand on their feet all day. It
feels soooo good!

Hydration Education
Learn to manage the most important liquid on the planet, stimulate your mind, improve overall health
learning to avoid dehydration.

The mind and body need exercise and a healthy diet in order to function at their best. Proper
hydration plays a key role in getting the most from these. Many already know that a diet rich in high
antioxidants greatly reduces free radical levels.
What many don’t know is that ionized water with its negative ionic charge; is itself a powerful free
radical neutralizing antioxidant.

Safety Preparedness- Our Flagship Program
Disasters can happen anytime. Are you Prepared? Your Family? Your Business? Your Pets?
We train you to be prepared at home or in your community.
Learn you how to prepare a comprehensive disaster plan, and to use your disaster kits FEMA
Please visit
www.safelyprepared.com for more details

Stress Release
Learn to Ease away tension, pamper the body, allow the mind and soul to become refreshed and

Whole Food Education
This unique program teaches you how to keep healthy, well, happy and prevent illness. Update your
food knowledge base. Learn where to shop and how to cook.

Price: varies
Introductory whole food classes, a four-week "immersion" period that is followed by four-weeks
emphasizing how to keep healthy happy and prevent illness. Update your food knowledge base.  
Learn where to shop and how to cook. Learn how to discern between the huge amount of health &
lifestyle information we are faced with everyday in the media, food, health and drug industries.
Connect For A
Music In
Go Green Faxing
Cell Phone Etiquette

The Ultimate Fundraiser