A Noteworty Cause!
The Foot Bath that helps Moaning Feet!

Special Socials Inc.
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Special Socials for Seniors Inc.
206 Euclid Square Mall
Euclid, Ohio 44132
Whole Food Social-
By reservation. Complete
with Live Music.  
Tour the Wellness
Education Center.
A Personal Concert for
someone that is Sick or
Shut In.  Jazz, Country,
Classical, Pop, Rock and
R&B. Music Heals.
Ionic Foot Bath Detox-
Soothes Tired Feet,
Relieves Swelling,
Special Social’s mission is to bridge service gaps by providing fun, educational and recreational programs
that enhance the quality of life for seniors, youths and their families. We have also added practical,
affordable phone service, that gives reliable Internet phone service to people on a fixed income and new and
small businesses.

East Cleveland Urban Farm
The sustainable garden project being built by volunteers for the good of the East Cleveland Community. On
First Ave., between Hayden and East 133rd.
Volunteers and donations welcome.

Hydration Education
Learn to manage the most important liquid on the planet, stimulate your mind, improve overall health
learning to avoid dehydration.

Safety Preparedness- Our Flagship Program
Disasters can happen anytime. Are you Prepared? Your Family? Your Business? Your Pets?
We train you to be prepared at home or in your community.
Learn you how to prepare a comprehensive disaster plan, and to use your disaster kits FEMA
Please visit
www.safelyprepared.com for more details

Your Voice Is Heard - Community Conference
The community phone conference that encourages everyone to participate and speak up about
issues close to their heart.
Please Visit
www.yourvoiceisheard.com for more details.

Social Connections- Home To Your New Phone Number
The phone service that focuses on providing new phone service for those on fixed incomes. Virtual
numbers that provide go green solutions to faxing. Business phone service that needs to have 24/7
callers log with a password protected web panel.
Please visit
www.norefusal.com for more details.
Relaxation Center
Connect For A
Music In
Go Green Faxing
Cell Phone Etiquette Classes
The Ultimate Fundraiser
Euclid Mini Police Station programs
20001 Euclid Ave. Euclid Ohio 44117

Word Recognition  $3.00 per class or 8 classes for 24.00

Safely Prepared 30.00 for 6 weeks
Music $30.00 for 6 weeks

Tutoring is $3.00 per session